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An average guy capable of discussing TV & film on a higher level but would rather do it from the couch.


Random Crits is a blog that represents the average person who loves to sit down and binge watch a movie/tv series for hours at a time and doesn’t feel guilty about it. The type of person who loves talking about movies but it’s not an obsession, it’s just part of their life. Random Crits is different from the typical movie site for one particular reason:

I’m just a guy talking to you while watching TV on the couch. 

I don’t claim to be an expert on everything I talk about. In fact I usually come right out and say when I just googled something. My process is simple: I watch something, I think about it, I come up with questions, then I go looking for answers to those questions. Chances are you found this site by doing the same thing which makes it a great fit. (I know a lot of my original page views came from the people searching “why is Jonah Hill so fat”).  Once I find my answers or collect my thoughts I post my blog.  Is what I say necessarily true or accurate? Of course not. It’s mostly made up of my opinions. Any “facts” I write about are things I found by googling so take that for what it’s worth. If you’re looking for truth and accuracy maybe the internet isn’t the place for you. There is no hard journalism going on here. Never will. That’s not what this is about. It’s about me wanting to talk about things I watch because I think you should watch them too and I’m way too interesting to keep it all to myself. So in reality, I’m doing this for you. You’re welcome.

Why listen to me? What qualifications do I have to consider myself a critic? Oh, well for your information one semester in college I took an elective class called “History of Cinema” and I got an A- so yeah I guess you can say I’m educated. NBD. Oh and of course I was the youngest crew member on the set of The Love Letter when my mom dragged me as a 10 year old to Rockport where they were filming for a week so she could see Tom Selleck. I made my presence known by being awesome and the crew needed my help moving things around from time to time. They were so appreciative that they wanted to put my name in the credits, but I’m not about getting fame for being a good guy so I asked that they remove it. The gesture was enough credit for me.

Where is this going? No clue. Right now I’m just doing this part time. I have a career in a very different field and it’s a nice change of pace for my daily life. I hope to gain some traction and get a small following, maybe even get noticed and given the opportunity to write full time. But for now I’m pretty content just watching things, writing about them, hitting publish and repeating. I’m enjoying it. Hopefully if you’re reading this that means you are too.

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