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For those keeping up with Random Crits, it’s clear I’ve made a big change over the past couple of months. I’ve created a new site called Half Glass (follow!!) where I’ve partnered up with 3 other bloggers. We have merged our sites in the hopes of expanding our audience and making a better site with new material available every day.

Although Half Glass isn’t a TV/Movies blog, and even though I’ve expanded my writing to include sports and local news, I maintain a heavy concentration in what I started here at Random Crits. I will continue to copy my tv/movie blogs from Half Glass to Random Crits for the foreseeable future to keep that part of my blog life alive.  I wont be posting here as often, but when I do I can promise they will be higher quality because I don’t have to produce fluff blogs to keep content fresh.

So go ahead and follow me over to Half Glass. We’ve got talented writers doing some great stuff.

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