Supporting Actor

2/7    Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
15/2   Dev Patel, Lion
22/1   Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals
28/1   Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water
50/1   Lucas Hedges, Manchester By The Sea

WHO SHOULD WIN- Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals


Why Michael Shannon? Because he was awesome as a dying, douchebag cop. Also because of process of elimination. Mahershala Ali was barely in Moonlight. I kept waiting for him to come back but it never happened. Dev Patel shouldn’t be in this category because he wasn’t the supporting actor.What do you call an actor who plays the main character, the movie is named after his character, he had the most lines, oh and his face is on the god damn movie poster?? Obviously a supporting actor.

WHO WILL WIN- Dev Patel, Lion


I hope he doesn’t and the Academy tells the studio to screw, but this is the same world that awarded The Martian as Best Comedy/Musical last year. Soooo yeah I don’t hold a lot of hope.


Supporting Actress

1/10   Viola Davis, Fences
33/1   Naomie Harris, Moonlight
40/1   Michelle Williams, Manchester By The Sea
66/1   Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures
80/1   Nicole Kidman, Lion



I make this prediction under protest. She was incredible in her role but I HATE her signature move of blowing snots when she cries. I get it, you want to be raw and authentic. The problem is we were in the middle of a very real, emotional, important dialogue in Fences and she took me right out of the moment by turning her face into a faucet. Aside from that one scene, she was great. I have Octavia Spencer at a close runner up, for what its worth.