1/10  Damien Chazelle, La La Land
16/1  Barry Jenkins, Moonlight
50/1  Kenneth Lonegran, Manchester By The Sea
66/1  Denis Villeneuve, Arrival
80/1  Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge

WHO SHOULD/WILL WIN- Damien Chazelle

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This one is easy. He’s the odds on favorite to win, he should win, and he will win. If he doesn’t it will be a massive upset. La La Land may not be for everyone, but everyone should respect the spectacle this kid guy created. It’s visually amazing and goes a long way to create the real-world fantasy life people imagine Hollywood to be while still making it somehow depressing and pathetic. He crushed it, he’s already got one wild success under his belt with Whiplash, and this one has already surpassed that. He’s got a hell of a career ahead of him.

Fun Fact: Damien Chazelle technically isn’t Jewish, BUT he did go to Hebrew school  for 4 years when he was younger. Hopefully Mel Gibson doesn’t take that personally when he beats him. People don’t forget!

Here’s somebody’s tribute to La La Land. It’s nice.