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Big year for pirating movies. Thanks to all the studios out there for deciding to wait until award season to release their big ones. I actually went to the theater like an ass for 4 of them, was able to rent 1, and the rest was pirated. I haven’t done that in a couple years. Not because I have some moral opposition to stealing movies online, but because I’m too particular about quality to deal with those shaky hand held camera videos I used to see. Well guess what? Times have changed. Turns out these pirated movies are AWESOME in quality. I’m back on the pirate ship thanks to the Oscars. Their fault not mine.


I will be posting a blog on each of the major categories throughout the week. I’ll give 3 answers for each.
Odds-on favorite to win, Who I think SHOULD win, and who I think WILL win.


1/5      La La Land 
16/1    Moonlight
40/1    Manchester By The Sea
50/1    Hidden Figures
66/1    Arrival
80/1    Hacksaw Ridge
80/1    Lion
100/1  Hell or High Water
100/1  Fences


If you take away all the bullshit, remove all the egos and the “craft” film people, the Best Picture category becomes a lot different.  The purpose is to entertain the audience and make them feel something. Somewhere along the line movies and movie critics started taking themselves too seriously. They put too much emphasis on the feels and distanced itself from the entertain, considering it to be a lesser form of production. A well rounded movie should have you glued to the screen, has fantastic production value, gets you emotionally invested in the characters, and gives you something to think about in the subtext. Of all the nominated films, Arrival did it best.


Science fiction has a stigma. People hear those words and automatically dismiss it which is unfortunate. Arrival was so much more than science fiction. It was a story about communication and was very relevant in today’s world. A woman saved the world from tearing itself apart in fear of being attacked by alien ships because she invested all of her energy in communicating with the aliens. The message was simple: understanding each other prevents problems. Those people in this world who react to the unknown with aggression are hurting the reputation of the rest of us just because they appear to be louder. There are so many levels to unfold and parallels to make with current events, I’m stunned its not getting more attention. The fact that its automatically dismissed because its sci-fi is sad.


WHO WILL WIN- Moonlight

I think the Academy will do it’s thing and choose the artistic one. La La Land is the heavy favorite but Moonlight has won more best picture awards this season than any other movie. The Academy will take the opportunity to award an “important” movie that deals with homosexuality, drugs, and gang culture over a movie which biggest struggle is being successful to avoid moving home with their parents. I wasn’t a big fan of either of these movies but if I’m trying to predict what the Academy will do, my gut says Moonlight.


And of course at 16/1 odds I’d throw a few units on that bet for sure.




I can’t tell you why this wasn’t nominated. It’s unreal how good it was. Not one single thing wrong with it. It has 2 stories going at once with one of them being fiction but inspired by the true past of the other story. That line may confuse you, but watch it and it’ll make sense. And the ending!! What an ending. Watch this one tonight.