I love this move. Marvel released this over the weekend. What is it exactly? It’s nothing. It’s a 20 second teaser attached to a video telling us that Infinity War is the culmination of a decades worth of movies…. which you already knew if you’re the type of person who would sit down and watch this in the first place. Marvel gave us nothing of substance but knew damn well we would all freak out over it. That’s the Marvel difference. They could release a 5 second clip of Captain America eating a hamburger and the internet would ignite in appreciation. If DC tried this they’d be ridiculed mercilessly, and rightfully so because fuck them right?  Right.

I’ll admit I geeked out a little when I saw Robert Downey Jr, Chris Pratt, and Tom Holland together for the first time. Nothing excites me more comic-wise than the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy mixing it up together. But all of that excitement turned to shock when I heard Spider Man speak… I’m always caught off guard with unexpected accents. I knew he was British but still. I’ve only ever seen him as the kid from Queens who can climb walls so it’d be appreciated if he stayed in character while on set. It’s called being a professional.

There is one really cool thing that came out of this video that I give major credit to Marvel for doing. Thanks to Comicbook.com for doing the dirty work of figuring out what this book stuffed with bookmarks was:

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet.JPG



It looks like they are relying heavily on this book for a lot of information. Probably not much of the story itself because the MCU has already made a point of not following the footsteps of the comic world. But they could be taking direction in regards to certain shots they want to recreate, the graphics and colors to be used in the art department, things like that.

I realized I needed to curb my excitement because Infinity War isn’t coming out until May 2018… only a year and a half away. BUT then I remembered this is Marvel we’re talking about and they are incapable of going 6 months without releasing a huge movie. So we have lots to look forward to. FOUR movies are being released before Infinity War, with the second Ant-Man coming out on it’s heels two months later. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME

Marvel Timeline.JPG