SOURCE NBC is in talks with FremantleMedia to resurrect “American Idol,” Variety has learned. According to sources with knowledge of the discussions, NBC has been pitched a revival of the long-running singing competition by producer Fremantle and is now mulling options for how to integrate the show into its programming slate. One possibility being considered: cutting NBC’s existing singing competition “The Voice” from two cycles a year to one. Fremantle has been shopping an “Idol” revival in recent weeks, with NBC emerging as the leading candidate to become the new home of the long-running singing-competition series. Sources emphasize that talks are ongoing, and no deal is yet in place. Representatives for NBC and Fremantle declined to comment.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

NBC can’t seriously be doing this. I’ve never been a fan of all the singing shows but I know American Idol was the big one. It was appointment television for a ton of people, but then things went flat when they constantly shuffled around the judges by trying to replace big talent with big egos. American Idol was on FOX for 15 years. In that time it produced a bunch of talent and had some great moments. They ended the series with a ton of respect and went out on top. Do you remember that final season? The touching montage of past winners and the guest performances? It seems like just yesterday… well maybe not yesterday. More like this past April. TEN MONTHS AGO.

The body of American Idol is barely cold and suddenly NBC is talking about swooping in and reviving it. Outrageous.  That’s the point of this blog. It’s way too soon for a reboot. Then next season would have just started. Why are these people shopping around an idea which has been copied and re-tooled dozens of times around the globe? Why does NBC need to remove one singing show to replace it with another singing show? Especially one that their competitors threw away 5 minutes ago because it wasn’t working?? It doesn’t make sense to me on any level. I’m befuddled. But more importantly I’m judging the decision making capability of the people over at NBC.



PS- I suppose there is a silver lining if NBC gets this contract. The Voice would be limited to just 1 cycle a year instead of 2. That means less exposure to the Adam Levine/ Blake Shelton bullshit bromance, and even less of that awful “…this is The VOICE!!” sound clip running over and over and over again. I could use less of that