These kids are incredible. If you watched this without knowing who they were you’d think they were the ultimate Stranger Things super fans.  Maybe they are actually – there’s no rule against being your own #1 fan. This celebration is almost identical to the one I had about an hour later when the Patriots won… high pitch squeals and all. Good for these kids though, I really hope their streak of luck keeps going for a while because it’s bound to stop sometime. “Innocence” is the word that keeps sticking out in my brain to best describe them. They have no idea that in 10 years they’ll probably be featured in a “where are they now: child actor edition” documentary. One of them might make it in acting, but there’s always one that ends up with a drug addiction. I’m not saying it’s definitely going to happen but the odds are on my side.

But back to this video. They’ve been made famous for their Netflix show and are filming a second season, they’ve done the late night interview circuit, they’ve won a SAG award, and they were featured in the opening skit of the Golden Globes. But apparently all of that is NOTHING compared to a quick 30 second teaser commercial during the Super Bowl. Unbelievable. And you know what? it was an awesome 30 seconds.

So awesome. It offered almost nothing of value but that doesn’t matter. We already knew/assumed Eleven was fine in the upside down, and we knew the upside down world was starting to break into the real world thanks to Will’s final scene last season. But that’s the point of a teaser. It’s just to let you know “hey! were doing some cool stuff right now and the new season releases on Halloween so yeah plan on watching!”  The only thing that was surprising to me was the quick image of a new and much bigger monster.

Stranger Things.JPG

That should be problematic for the boys and Eleven. I’m not sure her brain power can handle something that big no matter how many Eggos she eats.  But it’s ok because apparently its 1984 and the world knows how to deal with things like that. It’s called being a Ghostbuster, ever hear of it?  Just need a few proton packs with particle throwers and a good Ecto containment unit and they’re good to go!

Stranger Things 2.JPG