The final Beauty and the Beast trailer was released last night and every single girl on the planet under 30 lost their god damn minds.  How did Disney capitalize on this to maximize exposure? Well it was brilliant. They chose to release it in the middle of this weeks Bachelor, introduced by the one and only Gaston himself. It was perfect. The Bachelor already has a LOCK on the women demo, especially those in the mid to late 20’s range. When was the original Beauty and the Beast released? 26 years ago, nbd. The Bachelor has a strong social media connection where the audience activity discuses every moment on twitter so it was like shooting fish in a barrel getting these women to tweet their response to the trailer. This is a sample of the BILLION tweets.

They are all like that. I couldn’t find a single negative one. There were a few “it looks ok but I wanted more” but that’s the best you’ll get from some people who refuse to be impressed.

As great of a decision as this was, it was also an enormous risk. What if the trailer sucked? What if the women you were directly targeting didn’t like what you did with their beloved Disney princess?? The studio could have released the teaser trailer and been done with it while still guaranteeing solid box office numbers. But they didnt. They took the risk and clearly it paid off because now there will be masses of women lining up for the midnight release.

It worked because this trailer did exactly what it was supposed to do. It wasn’t to give the audience and idea of what the story is about because we already know. It was to show the world how they turned a cartoon into a real movie with talented actors and some masters of CGI. In my opinion they NAILED it. It looks incredible. I will almost certainly be dragged to the midnight showing and I don’t think it will be that bad. Not dark and creepy, but not over the top whimsical either.  I will happily see this, but it has to either be at midnight or not until the 18/19th. Because if you think I’m giving up my St. Patricks Day to watch Beauty and the Beast you are out of your god damn mind.