Source  Later this year, fans are finally going to see the second installment of Matthew Vaughn’s spy comedy franchise, Kingsman. The first film debuted back in 2014 to rave reviews, and the folks behind the comic book adaptation have been hard at work on a sequel. In September, the second film will make its debut, but fans are still being kept in the dark about the film’s finer details. Except, now, it looks like one of the sequel’s stars is giving fans just a small taste of what the action-packed romp will consist of. And, you guessed it! Kingsman: The Golden Circle is going to have its fun with politics. Speaking with Den of Geek, Taron Egerton was asked about his on-going work on the sequel. It was there that the star touched on the sequel’s tone and said it was a “presidential” one. “Though I have to be pretty careful what I say – Matthew can say what he wants, it’s his film. I think it very much is political. I think I can say there’s a ‘presidential’ thread that runs through the new film,” he said.

The first Kingsman was incredible. Who would have thought a story about some secret agency  made up of suit tailors who were trying to stop a billionaire from killing the world’s population via cellphone would be a massive hit? It might be one of the dumbest ideas ever, but it worked. How? because the filmmakers were brilliant. They decided to embrace the ridiculousness and ramp it up a few notches. It wasn’t like they were hiding it either, even going so far as to discuss it in the middle of the movie. Complete self awareness:

They’re right too. Today’s spy movies are all trying to be so realistic and theatrical that it leaves a lot of the audience confused about the plot but it gets covered up with flashy action scenes.  Kingsman is a throwback to the good old days of James Bond being left to die on a table with a laser slowly threatening to cut him in half by a villain obsessed with gold. It’s intended to be simple and straightforward but maintains the level of action you’d expect from a spy movie today.

Now the only major detail to come out about the sequel is it’s “presidential”… So I have to assume that means the Kingsman are coming to America.  Obviously the script was written before Trump so it won’t have anything to do with that, but if were to guess I’d say it’s either stopping a dirty politician from becoming President, OR keeping with the simple story theme just preventing an assassination. Yes I’m probably wrong because the possibilities are endless when we’re only given 1 word as a teaser, but good for me for trying.

I’m obviously very excited for the sequel. If I’m being honest and putting my cards on the table, I wrote this blog as an excuse to post the church fight scene… Hands down the most entertaining action scene I’ve ever watched. Maybe it’s because of the contrast of fancy Colin Firth being incredibly violent towards a church full of backwoods ultra conservative hicks. Or maybe it’s because it’s a scene so violent and graphic it would make Quentin Tarantino blush. Regardless, I love it and I will gladly accept any excuse to watch it. FYI the reason everyone goes crazy is because it’s a test for the bad guy’s evil plan. Turning everyone’s cellphone into a signal that makes them super aggressive. Obviously it’s violent so be warned, but watch it anyways:


Amazing. That’s a scene that takes a movie from an A to an A+.

Not to be forgotten, I need to note that this movie gave us one of the greatest movie posters ever. How do you make a poster clearly geared towards men but also appealing towards women? This is how you do it. The designer is a genius. For the men: Hot girl, big gun, classy alcohol, cyborg legs and an awesome dog.  For the women: puppy! Oh and I like her leggings.  (I’m not a woman so don’t yell at me if I got that wrong) From a designers point of view, it has perfectly executed focus being drawn to the title while framing an image in the center (this was one of 4, the puppy was just the best but they had Firth, Egerton, and Jackson between the legs of the others)  The light breaking through the reflective metal legs allows the white space to connect letting the poster breath and makes the woman a lot less dominant and more of a frame. The height of the white reflection lining up directly level with the puppy was no accident either, it only makes a stronger destination for your eyes to focus. Bravo to the designer. You deserve a slow clap.