His life sucks and it gets worse every month. The writers clearly hate him. Here’s a rundown of what we know about him: They’ve made him incredibly fat. The reason he’s so fat is because his ex wife was a bitch who messed with his head to the point where he tries to kill himself, doesn’t die, decides to divorce, then eats till he’s 300 pounds. So now he’s fat and trying to lose the weight. Can’t. Goes to a support group that he doesn’t take seriously but hey he meets someone he likes. They get together and it’s great. But wait Toby doesn’t care about losing weight anymore. They break up. He flies across the country to get her back. It works and everything’s great. Whoops he has a heart attack. Turns out he needs urgent heart surgery. Proposes before going under the knife. SHE SAYS YES HOORAY! He survives the surgery and everything’s great. But now the fiancé goes to fat camp and there’s another guy. This weeks episode ends with a teaser hinting at them being split up again. Oh and he has the most pathetic patch of hair on the top of his head. 

Despite all of that Toby is the most positive upbeat and happy guy on TV. He’s the king of grand gestures, his personality is as big as his gut, and he has self confidence to the moon. Easily the most likable character on the show and it’s not even close. But why?**  Why is he so awesome after being put through the ringer like that. It makes no sense but it’s ok because the show needs him. It needs the comic relief and has the added bonus of being a character with depth. He’s the person we all want to be. He is completely comfortable in his own skin. Toby’s the fat guy every group of friends need. Dammit I love Toby. 

**I mean, I know the real reason and it’s lazy writing. It’s no secret this show is just a soap opera in prime time.