There’s always a ton of info that comes out about nominees, broken records, etc… Are fun facts actually fun? Nope. But here they are. I’ve collected the most relevant ones and weeded out all the bullshit some sites use to get their 3000 word count for the editor. I’ll add to the list if anything else comes up worth sharing:

• La La Land got 14 nominations, tying the record held by All About Eve and Titanic

• Black actors collected 6 nominations, breaking the record of 5 set in 2005 & 2007. That shouldn’t be a story but because of last years boycott it is. Which kinda sucks for the nominees if they win, like its just a make-up call… or is it worse if none of them win? I’m not sure. I don’t like playing this game.

• Amazon makes history by beating Netflix to be the first streaming service to get nominated for best picture, and has a real chance at winning. They bought Manchester by the Sea at last year’s Sundance Film Festival… Kind of bullshit they get to claim this as their own, right? I’m not really sure how that works.

• Arrival got 8 nominations but not for best actress. Which is weird because Amy Adams was the star of the movie. I already noted the oddity of the lead actress category in my post earlier today, so I’m surprised Adams was left off. Especially since Meryl Streep got a nomination for her role where she basically just yelled out of tune for 2 hours. (it’s rumored she got extra votes because of her anti-Trump speech at the Globes… which is exactly what should matter during these nominations for acting)

• Speaking of Meryl Streep, this is her 20th nomination. She extends her lead in career nominations over Jack Nicholson and Katherine Hepburn who each have 12. And she has a chance to tie Hepburn with 4 wins, which is the most anyone has ever won. Kind of selfish.

• Martin Scorsese’s Silence got one nomination for cinematography. It looks like that was a pity vote too. The movie bombed. Nobody wants to see your passion project Marty.

• Mel Gibson getting nominated for Best Director is a bit of a shock considering how he’s been black listed in Hollywood for years. From what I hear Hacksaw Ridge is the best and most accurate portrayal of live combat, so it looks like its deserving. Maybe he’s served his time and now it’s ok to have Mel around the studio again.

• Deadpool didn’t get nominated for anything. =(