This morning was a struggle. We’re at the end of a nor’easter so it’s raining, cold, and miserable. I was stuck on the T for the first half of the live stream but made it above ground for the second half. Originally I was PISSED that I was missing out. This is the first time we’ve been able to watch this closed door ceremony. You always see images of past nomination announcements looking like this:


Pretty classy situation. I assumed the addition of a live broadcast would be the only change, maybe a little more flashy at best.  In no way was I expecting an overhaul of how they were presented. But that’s what happened and unfortunately it wasn’t awesome. Last week I praised the academy for taking a big step towards the future. I take it back. This comes off as lazy. It was a pre-recorded piece of shit. I stood there in the rain watching this on my phone almost stunned. It reminded me of watching drivers ed. videos. Look:

Are you excited after watching that? Or struggling to stay awake. Big swing and a miss by the academy on this one. Good effort I suppose. Maybe.

Anyways at first glance there are no big surprises with the nominations. The most important category is also the biggest, coming in with 9 nominees:


I’ve only seen 3 out of the 9. Hell or High Water, La La Land, and Manchester By The Sea. Interesting to see both Fences and Hidden Figures, I really hope this results in some presenter pulling a Hidden Fences so I can watch twitter explode in outrage. Even though there are 9 nominees, it’s only a 2 movie race. When you add up the winners over the course of this awards season it comes down to Moonlight & La La Land, with the next closest being Manchester. Some people say Hidden Figures can make a late surge since it is the most recent release, but everyone who has a vote in the Academy has already had a copy of that for months so I doubt that will happen. I personally wasn’t thrilled with La La Land but I haven’t seen Moonlight yet so I’ll hold off on my predictions.

The rest of the nominees for the major categories are:

Director.JPGActor.JPGActor Supporting.JPGActress.JPGActress Supporting.JPG

I think it’s worth noting the fact that all 6 of the major categories line up except one: Actress in a leading role.  It all usually ties back to Best Picture nominations, especially now that it’s an expanded field. All of the Director nominees, all but one Lead Actor, all but one Supporting Actor, and all Supporting Actress nominees are in Best Picture nominated films. But then you have the Lead Actress category doing the opposite with only one nomination from a Best Picture film. Bizarre right? I can’t make sense of it. Not to say an actress has to be in one of the top 9 movies of the year to deliver an award winning performance, not at all. But it’s odd for sure. Maybe this wasn’t a very strong year for female-driven roles? That might be it. It wasn’t a good year for movies with strong female protagonists, that’s all. But don’t tell that to the billion women who just marched for women’s rights. We don’t want another scandal like #OscarsSoWhite on our hands like last year.

Another category I wanted to point out is Original Song:


It’s kind of bullshit that La La Land get’s to bump their odds of winning by having 2 nominations in the same category, right? Right. But at the same time I’m struggling to oppose it. I really can’t. Both of those songs are downright delightful. They were the best part of La La Land in my opinion. In fact I might go so far as to say they deserved 3 nominations, because Another Day of Sun is a BANGER. I’m listening to it right now. It’s the type of song that wont allow you to be unhappy. Instant mood changer. Love it.

One last note to cap off this lengthy post. I feel like one movie, Dr. Strange, got snubbed to a certain degree. It received only one nomination which was for Visual Effects.

Visual Effects.JPG

Maybe I don’t have a strong grasp on what the technical categories mean, like some people don’t know the difference between best picture and best screenplay. I can fully admit I’m ignorant on this. But I walked out of the theater after watching Dr. Strange thinking “my god that was one of the most visually amazing things I have ever seen”.  I thought it would get the nod for cinematography, costume design, and more. Maybe I’m wrong about what those mean and maybe Visual Effects is really the broad stroke appropriate category. Regardless, it better win. It’s not often I’m in awe of what my eyes are seeing.