Slow day for the internet aside from the Presidential Inauguration. It’s all anyone’s talking about. I even felt the need to tweet while watching it because it’s such a big television event. (hey follow me @Random_Crits) I wanted to blog about it but that’s not what this site is about. I want all my blogs rooted in movies or TV and I wont force it. Well the internet just did me a favor and dropped this video from the clouds. Thank you, Mr. internet.

Did President Trump quote Bane? If you listen to that video the answer is definitively  NO, he did not. Sure it was along the same lines but this is a classic case of the internet doing internet things. If I were a real journalist with a capital ‘J’ I’d dive into the archives to find Bernie Sanders saying almost the exact same thing. But I’m a blogger with very little interest in putting forth that type of effort. The idea of giving power back to the people and away from the corrupt has been a platform for DECADES. This is just the ugly part of the internet making its way to the front page. Trying to get clicks and pageviews because Trump hate is hot in the streets today. (definitely not what I’m doing here. wink wink)

There are worse things to be compared to than a fictional character from Batman. And not for nothing, but Bane’s reasons for doing what he did were based on good intentions although they were executed pretty poorly…. like executions.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  So good luck to the President. May you lead us down a path better than Bane. Please.