TMZ obtained this video of a scene shot in a pool outside Winnipeg, Canada in November 2015. You can see a trainer forcibly shoving a German Shepherd — one of at least 5 dogs used in the production — into the frothing water, but the animal wanted NO part of it … and repeatedly clawed at the pool’s edge.  Sources connected to production tell us 8 outboard motors were used to churn the water and recreate a rushing river. The dog eventually got in the water — or was forced in — but was quickly submerged. It’s unclear if the dog going under was scripted, but someone immediately yelled, “Cut it!” … and handlers rushed to the animal.


This is a bad look. A Dog’s Purpose is aimed at animal lovers and now this video comes out and ruins everything. FUCK THAT GUY and everyone laughing about it on set. The dog was scared. Just give him some time to calm down and maybe get used to that raging river of death. Oh and if the waters so warm then why is everyone in arctic gear? I’m thinking my definition of “warm water” is different from the Canucks up there in Winnipeg.

I love dogs but I can admit I’m no saint. Every dog owner plays a little rough from time to time. Dogs are awesome and I treat them like one of my best friends. My favorite dog is legit terrified of roller blades but I bring them out on a rare occasion because it makes me laugh seeing her scatter. Every now and then I’ll hold a treat in my hand and make her pry the damn thing out. I brought her to the beach because she’s 13 and had never been and I wanted her to experience being in the ocean, but she hated it so I only made her get her legs wet before going home. You have to know where the line is with animals. They can’t speak but they can give you a good idea about how they’re feeling.

When the dog is literally biting the handler’s arm to prevent itself from going into the water any further, that was the line. I’m OK with a little aggressive encouragement to get things going but come on… use your head. Know when to stop, take a break, and try again later. Maybe shut the damn turbo engines off and let the dog ease into things. Instead of forcing him in and creating a panic to the point where he can’t stay afloat. Can you imagine if they pulled this shit with Jennifer Lawrence on the set of Hunger Games?? Just toss her into the river despite her kicking and screaming and whoops she’s drowning. Bad stuff.

I hate the term boycott. Its such a douchey word. But I was planning on seeing this and now I’m not because of this video, so call it what you want.