I don’t know much about X-men. I don’t know who X23 is or anything else really. But I know a great movie when I see it, and this is it. This is Hugh Jackman’s last performance as Wolverine and it looks like a masterpiece. It looks like an epic drama full of action and emotion that just happens to be a superhero movie. I actually think the superhero aspect, even though it’s the basis for the story, is an afterthought. The movie focuses instead on the relationship between the aging and injured hero and the wild and young mutant girl. That relationship tends to get seriously violent, which is awesome because we’ll get to see some classic Wolverine rage and murder before he calls it a life and packs it in for good.

There’s only so much you can say about a trailer. I don’t want to pick apart all the nerd details and easter eggs.  BUT I do want to point out one part that kind of shocked me:


I could not believe this shit. This was some inception stuff. I love it. This has to be the first time a comic book has appeared in a movie based on that comic. Logan made the point of saying people get killed in real life, which sets the tone for whole the movie. This is a far cry from the yellow and blue spandex Wolverine we know from the 90’s. He’s lost his healing factor, he’s dying, he’s watched his friends die, and he doesn’t give a fuck about life. If I had to guess I’d say his purpose in this story is to convince the young girl to forget about the glorified X-men stories and go into hiding like him. Avoid the trouble because it’s a miserable world.  Obviously it won’t go that smoothly.

The expectations are high. This has MUST SEE written all over it.