I’m at a total loss. Why is this a thing?? Obviously the answer is to try and make a ton of money, but still. Emojis? What was the story they pitched? More importantly who was the brilliant bullshitter behind it? So many questions. 

Moving past the ridiculousness of it all, I’m interested. How can I not be? Not to see it but to just know more. The trailer is shit but the idea that these emojis live together in your phone opens a lot of possibilities. Unfortunately it looks like it’s geared towards kids so that shuts the door on a lot of those possibilities. The only chance this had at being funny was if it was another R rated movie like sausage party. Imagine following the exploits of Mr. Eggplant 🍆 when he spends a night with his friends 🍺 & 🥃.  My only hope is that this will open the door for someone with animation talents to spend weeks on a short video that briefly makes me smile while scrolling through my Facebook feed.  If I can get that, this shit movie will be worth it to me. 
PS- this.