Source.  A recent report … indicates that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is about to seriously overhaul the way in which it announces the annual Oscar nominations. In previous years, The Academy herded members of the media into the Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles early in the morning for a traditional broadcast with a live audience. However, it now seems that The Academy has decided to go digital and utilize an online live stream (which will be available at Oscars.com and Oscars.org) as well as a satellite broadcast that will be picked up by major TV outlets such as Good Morning America.


Holy shit!! Look at these guys!! The Academy is stepping into the 21st century!  This is awesome news for people who are counting the days until nominees are announced (7 days left)  Does it matter how they announce the nominations? No not really. A simple press release would do, but this makes it an event. I love this move. I absolutely LOVE it. Need more like it. I want reality shows and live reactions from the actors watching their dreams come true or get crushed. I want to see the god damn trophies being made and watch how they stuff and seal those envelopes. This is a world-class production and we the people deserve want to see every single part.

The Oscars are big but moves like this can make them BIGGER. I hope this is just the first step towards an overhaul in how they do things. They need to keep up to date with the available technology. Utilize social media outlets, keep the audience at home engaged. Cut down on commercials, don’t make it 5 hours long. Let the acceptance speech be long if its going well and cut short the ones that suck instead of giving everyone only 30 seconds. Maybe nominate black people. I’m not the expert obviously but I can see room for improvement to an already great product.

This is an unexpected and exciting change.  I look forward to getting to work early on Jan. 24th so I can pretend to do my job while I watch the nominees be announced at 8:30am. I’m sure no one will notice.