The Crown is incredible and one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. It’s the story of the current Queen of England coming into power and how it made a complete mess of her life. It’s kind of like House of Cards but instead of Frank Underwood destroying careers, it’s a symbolic crown destroying personal relationships. The show really focuses on the fact that it’s an odd time in history for the new Queen. The world was outgrowing the need for a Sovereign (fancy word for king/queen no big deal) and the resistance to keep up with the times made everything so much harder than it needed to be. I’m not sure how this plays out in the future – I suppose could google it but nahh. The best part of this show is you feel like you’re learning something and being smart instead of just binge watching Netflix for 10 hours. Maybe one day Netflix will replace books in the classroom… for real. If this could become a thing I would actually learn stuff in school instead of being 29 years old and knowing nothing outside of movies and sports.


♦ I should have re-watched The Kings Speech before watching The Crown because it’s basically a prequel. I didn’t realize this was the same king until he started stuttering because I know nothing about the royal family or it’s timeline. Also, the Kings Speech is just a great movie and worth watching again anyways.

♦ England is wicked fucking old. You always assume it’s been around forever but it turns out its been around since 827.  Yup, that’s a three digit year. I went looking for this because the Queen apparently doesn’t have to make any decisions. Everything has already been set in stone from previous rulers. They’ve been around for so long that the country is basically on autopilot. Almost a thousand years older than the USA.

♦ The Monarchy is dumb and useless. The Queen has no meaningful purpose other than maintaining England’s history of having a Sovereign. She doesn’t make any decisions. All governing responsibilities are taken care of by Parliament, and if anything she just holds them up by getting weekly updates and having them discuss meaningless things like if her husband can fly a plane. It’s insane how much wasted effort and funds go towards this family that has done nothing aside from being born.

♦ The members of the Royal Family sure are bitchy. All they need to do is not offend anyone and they’ll be able live in castles with unlimited income and respect for the rest of their lives. The worst thing to happen in Mary’s life at age 25 was she wasn’t allowed to marry a 40 year old man and instead had to be the most eligible and sought after single woman in the country… SAD!

♦ Apparently it really sucks to be the Sovereign. Not to be confused with the family members being bitches about their lives, being the King or Queen really does suck. They aren’t in control of anything, instead they become slaves to the crown and have to abandon almost every normal part of life.

♦ The London Fog was pretty serious. It was responsible for 12,000 deaths which is insane. Although I did a little journalism work googling and found out it was extremely exaggerated in the show. (one of only a couple major discrepancies)  It was never considered to be serious until after the fact. It never caused a riff between the Queen and Churchill. And most upsetting of all, Venetia wasn’t even a real person!!  The writers created her to make Churchill’s office scenes more interesting. RIP fake Venetia.

♦ Speaking of Venetia, it was kind of odd how Churchill gravitated towards her and basically made her his personal secretary, right?. Not in a weird way though. This was a man who didn’t like anyone unless he respected their position. When he finds out she was killed on her way to work because of the fog he stops everything and goes down to see her body at the hospital, which was really unlike his efficiency-driven character. It’s because of this he suddenly sends all the support he can to help the hospitals in the relief effort. Later in the series it comes out that Churchill lost a daughter. She was almost 3 years old and her physical description fit Venetia’s with her curly blonde hair. I think the writers were getting at something here, giving him hints of being a vulnerable human instead of the bulldog he took pride in being.

♦ Phillip was made out to be a bad guy, even though most of the things he did and said were pretty normal if he were an average guy. One of the biggest issues he had was kneeling to the Queen at the coronation. The internet tells me there is no record of him opposing to kneel, so I will believe the internet.

♦ Churchill was old as fuck. It really makes you think about how our countries are being run by old men who aren’t far from death. John Lithgow’s performance was incredible. I’ve always liked him as an actor but after seeing him as Churchill he has my complete respect as an actor devoted to his work. That humpback, limp, and slobbery speech is far from who he is as a person. He lost the Golden Globe for best supporting actor to Hugh Laurie in the Night Manager… I haven’t seen that but it must have been something special to beat out Lithgow here.