“People” got all worked up over this earlier this week. Well big thanks to everyone who got offended because a white guy was cast to play a “black” guy. Now we’ll never know what happens when Marlon Brando, Liz Taylor, and Michael Jackson get into a car. That’s the start of a joke the world will never get to hear the punchline to. I’m not sure how interesting the show would even be if I’m being perfectly honest, but now that it’s gone I may never recover. I need to see this episode. NEED it.

Sky Arts cited Jackson’s family as the reason for pulling the episode, which is such bullshit. They were concerned with his “legacy” and making a mockery of him… Huh?  Do they think we all forgot about everything already? Michael Jackson’s legacy is good music, better dancing, touching kids and being creepy. He named his kid Blanket for christ sake.

Maybe I’d understand it if the episode referenced all the shady and sketchy shit he did, but as far as I know the outrage was all about the actor. He was a white guy while Jackson was technically black. Do you realize how difficult it must have been to cast a PERSON to look like the decaying king of pop? LOOK.


That’s pretty close. Not perfect, but close. It’s clear they had a hard enough time making the white guy look white enough to match that bleached skin.  Also, not for nothing, the nose is the least convincing part. It needs to be thinner…  Unless a black actor wanted to commit to this role so heavily that he got a nose job and bleached his skin, I can’t see any reasonable way to represent Micheal Jackson in a physically convincing way than this. In fact if I were casting the role I’d take it a full step further. This should have been a white woman.