Well… that was something.  And by something I mean awful.  iBoy… like iPhone… GET IT!?! because his phone smashed into his brain omg lololol so clever. I don’t know if I’m more offended by how bad the story looks, or how Netflix tricked me into watching the trailer because of this:

iboy 2.jpg

Making that the image for the YouTube thumbnail is ruthless. Like most people I saw Arya Stark and got my hopes up but whoops she’s barely in it. I hate this move but at the same time respect it because it worked. Netflix knows exactly what it’s doing.


PS- The popular complaint lately is that trailers give away/ruin the whole movie. I disagree- just because it tells a story doesn’t mean it tells the whole story. That being said, I’m pretty sure we just watched iBoy in just over 2 minutes. Which I’m fine with because that sucked from top to bottom.