SHIELD has always been nuts. The series started off with a very dead Coulson but they did the “Tahiti” thing where they used alien blood and a brain poking robot to bring him back to life

Kind of hard to say it’s only gotten crazier since then but it’s true.  We’ve seen Jemma get eaten by a rock that sent her to a different world where she found the guy Hydra had been hailing this whole time, and that’s not even as wild as it is right now..

To put things in simple terms: This new brand of crazy started with a dead Mexican who was possessed by the devil and turned into a flaming skeleton to kill everyone in every gang ever until a ghost came out of a box and dug up a magic book which made everyone who read it power hungry and crazy/powerful enough to make weird shit happen and kill people. Then things doubled down when they gave the book to a mad scientist and his android human-looking robot in the hopes of fixing the current mess they were in when OH NO! the robot turned against them and the mad scientist got even madder. Meanwhile there’s a new inhuman that’s just chilling in the bottom of the ocean in a cocoon which, if I may be so bold as to make an assumption, might have some sort of an impact on the story in the near future.

Nothing makes sense but they tie it together well enough where it doesn’t matter. SHIELD is a great show and I hope they never stop making it. My biggest hope is they tie the series back into the movies soon, maybe like having Tony Stark become the new director. Or have Coulson show up in Wakanda with Fitz Simmons. Or maybe they work off of current events and come together and really make America great again.