This one had some pretty great moments but overall it was a little disappointing.  It’s a remake of a 1960’s western. The filmmakers tried updating it to be a little more 21st century by revamping the characters but didn’t bother to juice up the story too much. Unfortunately its still the same western you’ve seen a dozen times. Bad guy rolls into town and takes it over. Good guys come to save the people and the town. The good guys win.  It still works so I can’t hate on it too much, but it definitely wasn’t anything special.

One thing I will criticize heavily is the choice to make the 7 hero’s so diverse. There was a black cop, an Asian assassin, white guy with a gambling problem, a Mexican outlaw, a Comanche, a confederate army veteran, and a mountain man…. The year was 1879. No way in hell would an entire wild west community, even one that was desperate for help, be ok with this crew helping them. They’d kill 3 out of 7 on the spot. Maybe even 4.

Lets just pretend racism wasn’t a thing back then. I still take issue with the fact the writers took almost no time in thinking how they’d put this crew together. There was no real incentive for most of them to join. Like almost none.  Yet they all went along with it and traveled 3 days on horses to go kill some bad guys for other people. (the mountain man made a living hunting Indians, yet he was totally cool with teaming up with one for this. Odd.) All because these outlaws somehow found a moral compass at the same time. Oh and then they stick around to teach the towns people how to fight an army. It’s not that its so far fetched, it was just so under developed that it was almost assumed the audience wouldn’t care.

I will give credit where it’s due though. The big finale battle was awesome. The Home Alone level of booby traps and precise planning was something I didn’t expect based on the first 90 minutes. I always appreciate it a little extra too when the main characters are killed off. It makes everything a little bit more grounded in reality which is good. As bored as I was throughout the predictable plot, the ending almost made up for it. At the very least it left me glad I decided to watch it  which is all you can ask sometimes.

Entertainment rating: 76%

Critic rating: 55%