Warner Bros. released this still frame yesterday to try and get some excitement going. It worked to an extent, because there’s an obvious missing piece being Superman. But all of that didn’t last long because reports are coming out by an anonymous source saying the movie is “a mess”, specifically the plot is a disaster. So much so that it is actually delaying production of The Batman… for some reason. We already know the studio ordered a re-write of the script following the critical disasters of Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, which makes this news of a messy plot completely unsurprising. But you know what? I don’t care.

It’s a movie about a guy who dresses like a bat and starts a team to fight crime. That team includes someone who runs fast, a guy who talks to fish, a robot, and a strong girl who’s been alive forever… I’m not exactly going to be surprised if the plot seems far fetched or has a few holes. At some point over the past decade we started taking comic book movies too seriously. You can’t complain about a story with holes if you’ve already accepted the fact that aliens, gods, and mutants exist, or that people can fly, or that someone can be thrown through a brick wall and not be dead. It makes no sense. It’s not supposed to, and that’s why super hero movies are great. Just sit there and enjoy all the unrealistic and dumb effects. It’ll be better that way.