Too many cameos to keep track of. Perfect mix of tv & movie references that had you jumping up and down if you’re a complete nerd like myself. It started off slow with a musical number that made me think “oh boy here comes the La La Land ass kissing already” and although I wasnt wrong, it completely changed gears when they parked a white Ford Bronco on the red carpet. Followed up immediately by “not all the nominees are white”… At this point it had my full attention. How could they possibly maintain this level of awesome? Oh just by bringing out the big guns with a Mr. Robot, Jon Snow, and Stranger things rap about Barb not being dead all in a row. It was like a pitcher throwing 115mph fastballs in the 9th inning. It was a grand finale in the middle of the number. Take the camera up on the cherry picker to pan over everyone dancing in costumes and wrap it up. Cut to a montage of champagne, bow ties, trophies and trumpets, finish it out with Jimmy Fallon running on stage to a WILD applause!. 10 out of 10 opening. Absolutely perfect.

But this is Jimmy Fallon’s show. And you’ll never guess who he brought in to bring down the house… go ahead guess! I bet you don’t have to because I already posted the video but still:


Yes Jimmy Fallon, after a decent career of comedy, has lost his fastball. He just recycles all of his typical shit that used to work but has been beaten to death. Justin Timberlake and the whole “Omg they have a bromance it’s so wacky I love it” has been dead for years. JT is extremely talented and I have no issues with him, but he needs to start distancing himself from Fallon before he gets taken down to cliché life.

Stop that video at the 2:00 mark and it’s perfect, deserving of an award itself. Watch the last 2:31 (minus the Ryan Reynolds moment) and you have an average bit from a regular Tuesday on the Tonight Show.

Going forward I think it’s safe to say Fallon is done as a host. Next year needs to be a team like Steve Carell & Kristin Wig. Masters of dry humor which works perfectly well for an awards show. I was dying at this whole act.