BIG MOMENT  The big story last night wasn’t the fact that La La Land set a new record for awards with 7, which is incredible. It was hijacked by Meryl Streep and her acceptance speech for her lifetime achievement award.

To clear up a one big thing that have been running rampant on twitter, the fact that she has only won 3 academy awards after being nominated 19 times IS NOT something to be ashamed of.. she’s not batting .158. She is actually the 2nd greatest actress in history if you look at those numbers carefully. She has 3 Oscars. There are five people ever who have won 3 Oscars. Only one has 4, the great Katharine Hepburn. And they say it’s an honor to just be nominated, well Meryl has the most in Oscars history with 19. 2nd place is a tie between Hepburn and Jack Nicholson with 12 each. She’s got a 7 nomination lead ahead of everyone, those are stupid numbers. Like first ballot HOF numbers. She deserved this award without a doubt.

But nobody’s debating whether or not she deserved it. Unfortunately the talk of the internet is about politics and bullshit. She decided to take some shots at things that have nothing to do with the Globes. I don’t understand the need to take center stage on a night like this to try and be a hero. Everyone does it now. Everyone wants to be that inspirational highlight we see replayed 20 years from now.. but since everyone does it it’s just white noise. It’s supposed to be a night about TV and Movies and the people who create them. TV and Movies are where we go to get away from the real world. I’d rather not come home from work and turn on the news just to see a shooting in an airport or our President elect tweeting his typical bullshit- so I turn on HBO or netflix to get away from it all. It’s the common man’s escape from realty. Why the hell do these actors insist on blurring the lines? I have no problem when they endorse candidates or join causes to help the environment or the poor- but please just leave your personal agenda out of a night where you’re getting an award that reminds us how much money you’ve been paid over the course of your career and how you don’t actually live in the same reality as us.

And even though I think she said her piece in an eloquent way, it wasn’t the time or the place. It wasn’t fair to the people who earned awards that night to hijack it by getting political in a year where politics is toxic. Everyone knows. Nothing said was shocking or new, but it was an eloquent way of wording what a lot of people are thinking. Although yeah taking a shot at NFL and MMA was a bit shocking, it was almost as if she was trying to piss off the internet so I dont know.

RYAN REYNOLDS In other news we had Ryan Reynolds doing his thing as the guy who was just happy to be there. He knew he had no chance at winning for Deadpool. It was ridiculous to even think that. So Ryan enjoyed himself thoroughly with no worries about awards. He showed up with his smokeshow wife in tow,

He got interviewed on the red carpet by the prestigious munchkin & weatherman Al Roker, then he went ahead and had a few drinks while chatting it up with some of his biggest fans in the room.

and best of all, he made moves on Andrew Garfield when the world least expected it. I’m not sure there is an explanation for this, and honestly I don’t really think there needs to be one.  Just Deadpool doing Deadpool things with the guy who desperately needs attention for not being a loser.


LA LA LAND  This movie won everything. 7 awards. Do you know how hard that is? This isn’t the Oscars where they have so many categories that they can’t even televise them all. The Globes only have 26 categories, half of those are TV, and half of that half is split between Drama and Comedy/Musical.. So that means they were not only nominated in every possible category they could have been in, but won them all. Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Original Score, & Best Original Song… It’s crazy. I think this benefited from being a unique style of movie that we haven’t seen in decades, on top of a weak field in the Comedy/Musical category, but still. Credit where credit is due, La La Land crushed it.

Not to be missed, Emma Stone made us all remember that these celebrities are just people like you and I, and even they can do regrettably awkward things like hugging someone while they try to hug someone else. We’ve all had that “oh shit I’m so sorry” moment.


And speaking of Emma, she won for Best Actress. She was up against some pretty heavy competition. Including that lady Meryl Streep who just got a lifetime achievement award 5 minutes beforehand and delivered a 6 minute speech that ignited the internet. Did that bother Emma? Nope she accepted her 1st Golden Globe like a boss. Maybe not a boss, maybe more like a young actress who hasn’t been jaded by the industry because she’s still the hot young thing and thinks this will last forever, but nonetheless it was nice to see her happy. Congrats my fellow ginger friend.


HIDDEN FENCES  I’m not sure why this entertained me so much. It was just a simple mistake made by a couple people combining Hidden Figures and Fences . Only thing is it combines two movies about the struggle of being African American.. whoops! You know, they’re all alike so whatever… Jenna Bush Hager started it on the red carpet while doing her signature “shaky standing awkwardly while listening” interview technique. This caused a bigtime fake internet outrage. The internet loves getting triggered and eats stuff like this up. It was a non-story. If you just ignore the issue for 24 hours it goes away. Anyone with a brain knows it was an honest mistake. It was a big stage and mistakes happen. Well that’s not how things work if you’re employed by a major network like NBC so Jenna Bush had to go on TV this morning and offer up a cringe worthy apology.  Watch it here



WINNERS: Here’s a list of all the winners:

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