I’ll be live tweeting the entire night, so follow me on twitter @random_crits

Its half hour into it and we already have Jimmy Fallen scrambling when the prompter goes down, and lots of my favorite TV shows which are getting disrespected so I’ve taken to drinking some mules. Should go real well in an hour or so.

11:30 UPDATE: It’s over. It’s all done. The big winners tonight was a tie between La La Land and Brie Larson. Both were a huge presence throughout the night. One was a movie that won all 7 awards it was nominated for, the other was a woman in a dress that made you gasp whenever the camera came across her. 

Tomorrow I’ll have a full break down of the night. There’s a lot to digest and collect and figure out- like why Casey Affleck is a homeless person now. But rest assured I’ll cover it all.