Monday nights have changed for me over the past few years after moving in with a girl. It used to be all about MNF  or recovering from the weekend and catching up on Netflix. But now because my female counterpart is entirely obsessed enjoys ABC’s The Bachelor, every Monday night between the hours of 8:00-10:00pm the world stops. Sometimes even until 11:00pm. And don’t forget the occasional Sunday Night preview.. or Bachelor In Paradise taking up both Monday & Tuesday nights in the summer. She complains about how long football season but doesn’t see the…… you know what, I’m not even going to go there.

Originally I just looked at my phone for 2 hours while she watched, or I plugged into my laptop and watched something else. I had zero interest in this bizarre and bullshit show about dumb attention whores competing for the chance to be proposed to by a guy they just met on national television. It’s absurd that these delusional idiots think they are actually in love with someone because they’re too dumb to distinguish the difference between being in love and being the best option out of 25 other idiots.

But you know what? After absorbing some of this weekly fiasco like second hand smoke by being in the same room, I’ll admit it piqued my interest. I started watching a little bit by playing the mustache drinking game (highly recommended). If I had to narrow it down to one moment that hooked my attention it would have to be the debut of Ashley S… you can’t teach someone to act that crazy, it’s a gift she was born with. I’m still not a HUGE fan of the show but I’ve definitely come to appreciate it’s entertainment value.

This season ABC has created The Bachelor fantasy league through their affiliates at ESPN. I saw this pop up towards the end of football season and probably got a little too excited for it. Does it work like every other fantasy league on earth? Not even close. But it’s a new dynamic that I think is a positive addition to the viewer experience. You have to make predictions for what will happen on the upcoming episode based on multiple choice questions. Each question is weighted with a certain point value, the goal is to score the highest among your friends each week. Simple and effective. Except the guy who’s in charge of putting together the questions and answers made the oldest mistake in the book.

img_1092-2  img_1095-2

CLASSIC mistake. In high school I would go through all the questions on my tests to see if there were any hints to help answer other questions. Loved it whenever I found any. It felt like I won something. This is no different aside from the fact that its painfully obvious and is on a much larger scale than my freshman bio quiz. Poor guy gives zero fucks about creating 10 distinct questions from a 2 hour show.  I’m just assuming its one guy at a desk in the corner of the ESPN offices who was forced to do this, but it’s probably a whole team so whatever. The point of this blog was to tell you all I watch The Bachelor now and it’s cool because it’s a fantasy sport.