HIDDEN FIGURES – January 6th

I did a little research to find out how accurate this movie is. Understandably I was a little skeptical of 3 black women not only working in the NASA computing department in the 1960’s, but having a major hand in one of the most important space missions in our country’s history. The first source I found says “the filmmakers had an incredible amount of primary and secondary source material from which to get all the details right”. It was referring to book by a historian which the movie was based on. So that automatically gives it some validity. UNTIL you go ahead and look up the details of the book and find it was originally published way back in in Sept 2016… hmm… hmmmm… Kind of makes it hard to trust the historical accuracy of a book being published in conjunction with a major Hollywood movie. It’s good for business on both sides if the story maybe makes things more exciting than they really were. I’ll be fair though, the book’s author is a reputable historian and there are some legitimate sources to pull from like communication transcripts. So there’s that.



Holy shit I don’t care about this. Its just not my thing. I haven’t seen the previous ones and I have no intention of changing that. This is the fifth Underworld released, the four previous movies averaged a critic rating of 25.5% on rotten tomatoes but they earned a combined global box office return of $458.2 million which is decent. There’s a sixth one being developed too but with no commitment in case this one flops. It’s clear they don’t care about critical ratings so the only way its considered a flop is if it loses money. Have at it, Underworld fans.


PATRIOTS DAY – January 13th

Let me just take a moment to amend my words from a couple weeks ago when Patriot’s Day had their limited release:

I’m very clearly bias on this one as I say its a must-see, but i’m also going to be extremely critical of it. Marky Mark’s depiction of the marathon bombing had better be PERFECT otherwise he’ll be accused of trying to capitalize on a terrorism attack that happened only 3 years ago. I know he’s just a local guy trying to tell the story right, so he’s getting the benefit of the doubt from me. My buddy actually saw one of the first showings in LA and was floored by it, so thats positive. I could write a book on my feelings about that day but I’m pretty sure this movie will do the work for me. Can’t wait. I just can’t.  My god it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Get your tickets and see this ASAP.


SLEEPLESS – January 13th

I can’t get a read on this. I haven’t heard of it until now and it has Jamie Foxx in it, so that’s not a great sign.  But Jamie Foxx is an entertaining guy to watch. The trailer starts off awesome, just a couple dirty cops going above and beyond to cover up crimes until Internal Affairs gets up their asses. There’s enough to make a movie right there. But then theres the additional dynamic of the bad guys kidnapping his son for some reason so he has to be a good cop and bad cop at the same time…. There’s a heavy chance the writers tried too hard on this one. Nothing worse than over doing it. But hey there’s a chance it’s good too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


THE BYE BYE MAN – January 13th

Nope. Nope. Nope. Fuck that, MOVING ON!!


LIVE BY NIGHT – January 13th

Here we have Ben Affleck really testing his range by directing and starring in a movie about a guy from Boston who gets mixed up between some bad people and the wrong side of the law. He tries to get away from it all and moves to Tampa but bad things follow him…. Jesus Fucking Christ… It’s just a 1920’s version of The Town!  At least that’s what I got from the brief YouTube description because you can’t follow shit in that trailer. I’m going to give this a chance because I really like Ben’s work lately so I’ll just chalk this up to a tight budget that didn’t allow for great marketing.. and judging by the look of the wardrobe they were shopping at TJ Maxx to make each dollar count.


MONSTER TRUCKS – January 13th

If you’re the parent that drew the short straw and has to take a group of 10 year old boys to see this then I pity you because your life is awful.


SPLIT – January 20th

Yesssssss this is a movie that’s got me going. I’ve been eyeing January 20th ever since I first saw this trailer. It’s so god damn intreguing and looks like James McAvoy crushes it. This looks to be a supremely fucked up movie with no real rules to play by which is great for all of us who are into twisted shit. You have 20+ characters in one body, the writers have the ability to do SO MUCH with that. It must be an actors dream to show off that kind of range on a major stage like this. If he does well then this will open all kinds of doors for him… well whatever doors weren’t already open because he’s kind of an established actor at this point but you get what I mean.



You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me with this shit. Go away.


THE FOUNDER – January 20th

Michael Keaton getting back into movies excites me WAY more than it should. I just love the guy. And I love fast food. And I love Ron Swanson. And I love movies about screwing people over. AND ITS TRUE?!? Fan-fucking-tastic!!  The Founder reminds me of Thank You For Smoking mixed with Moneyball, both of which are very high on my acclaim list. This has my full attention and my hopes are high, here’s to hoping it holds up.


A DOG’S PURPOSE – January 27th

Dog people are an easy target. Damn these filmmakers for making a movie based on a book that was written with the sole intention of making us cry. This movie will for sure be full of those “I didn’t cry I just teared up” moments which translates to “I’d be weeping on the floor if I were alone but I don’t want to cry in public”.  Dog’s are awesome. They’re better than people and that’s a fact. If we find out one day that this is actually how dog’s lives work I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.


GOLD – January 27th

Well alright alright alright alright…