Jonah Hill is fatter than ever which means he’s funny again. At least I guess that’s what somebody told the Golden Globes because they nominated him for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical. This is just another reason to consider the Golden Globes to be the minor leagues of major award shows. They keep screwing it up by not staying in the lines of their own categories. Just like last year when they let The Martian win Best Comedy. War Dogs was by no means a comedy. Did it have some funny parts? sure. But that doesn’t make it a comedy. It was a crime drama, a true story, and it ruined some peoples lives. The mis-categorization is only one part of this questionable decision. The other part is the fact that Fat Jonah Hill, in my opinion, was the worst part of the movie. His dumb-ass laugh turned his character from an asshole, into the caricature of an asshole.

For him to get nominated for Best Actor is baffling, for not only the poor performance, but more importantly HE WASNT EVEN THE LEAD ROLE. He should have been thrown into the pool of Supporting Actors- but that category combines comedy and dramas so he would have zero shot at that. Miles Teller was the lead guy in War Dogs, without a doubt. And you know what? He was kind of awesome in it which makes Jonah’s nomination even more confusing. Overall it was a good movie, but nothing to rave about. It was just ok which was disappointing since the trailers made it look like the modern day Scarface- instead it was a movie about guys who loved Scarface. But I’ll say its worth renting.

Entertainment Rating- 80%

Critic rating- 78%

SPOILERS– War Dogs, if you haven’t seen it, is a real knee-slapper about two friends who stumble their way into a $300,000,000 war contract with the USA to arm their allies. They fake it and con their way into a huge problem that results in one of them getting kidnapped and almost murdered, their driver legit getting murdered, and the fat one fucking everything up by not paying the ONE guy who eventually screws them over and sends them both to jail. But not before they have a huge falling out and destroying the company. HILARIOUS…. (cough sarcasm)  It was based on a true story, but you have to wonder how closely they stuck to it. The little details didn’t really seem like they meshed with the overall story. None more than the fact that Miles immediately went back to his old job of massaging old dudes in his shitty car after quitting his job that paid him millions of dollars… Wouldn’t he sit on his fortune for a bit before jumping back into that degrading job?  I know it’s a small detail but it bothered me. Overall I could nitpick the details or how shitty Fat Jonah Hill was as a character but I really don’t think this movie is worth it. Go watch it if you stumble across it on HBO in a few months, or rent it if you’re bored.