This movie never had a chance. I was originally pumped to see this thing, but then the internet got a hold of it and all the reviews called it a flop before it even hit theaters. I was so put-off by the bad press that I actually never bothered seeing it in theaters. I just rented it on demand and I’ll be honest- it didn’t suck.

Don’t get me wrong.. it wasn’t good. But if you expected anything of substance you were crazy. Batman vs Superman was the start of DC’s attempt at a Marvel-style Avengers franchise, but they don’t have the luxury of releasing one character’s movie at a time like Marvel did. DC is way behind and dying to catch up. Combine that with the overwhelming success of the Dark Knight series that just wrapped up a few years ago- and you’ve got yourself a steady uphill climb to creating a success. So now they’re playing catch up. What better way to do that then introduce all the bad guys at once in one movie, while introducing all the good guys in another in the same summer. Easy right? It was pretty necessary too. Anyone with a basic knowledge of superheros know Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, & Aquaman. But who honestly knew all these people?


I knew Joker (obv) and Harley Quinn. But now I know them all. So guess what? I’m super prepared for the next DC movie with the Justice League. So in that regard this was a wild success! Hooray DC! You did it!!!

But about that movie.. it was structurally weak. I hated Viola Davis’ character. You have a full list of villains, you don’t need to out-villain the villains. You have too many villains to keep track of and you can’t expect the audience to distinguish a good guy villain from a bad guy hero and expect it to be totally comprehensive. Classic case of trying too hard. And did we ever get an explanation on why Viola Davis shot everyone? Because that seemed completely unnecessary… I actually liked the final showdown that brought Diablo out of his shell to help out. I think the Enchantress and her brother were a good (but weird) driving force through the plot, although I really thought Joker should have been the focus because that’s what the people want. My biggest problem with the story was the weak explanation they had for making these villains cooperate. A bomb in their neck? Creative, I know… But I just don’t see the appeal of risking your life to help the government to prevent you from getting your head blown off. Wouldn’t they say “whatever I’ll probably get killed doing this, why would I help when I’m going to end up dead either way?” but then we’d have no movie so there’s that.

This was a great movie to sit down to and expect nothing from. You get to see Margot Robbie run around as Harley Quinn, although her weird NY accent was brutal it didn’t affect her screen presence. Will Smith does a great job as a contract killer I’ve never heard of and is a convincing leader of the misfits. The action sequence to dialogue ratio was perfect, I say that because of the terrible job they did of that in Batman vs Superman. You don’t need a half hour of straight explosions. Ever. The biggest thing this movie accomplished was kick-starting DC’s run at a Justice League franchise. I am pretty excited to see what comes from that. Hopefully it has something to do with the Jared Leto Joker we’ve been wanting to see. And more than just a cameo.

Entertainment rating: 82%

Critic rating: 50%