Tom Hanks did an incredible job portraying the hero Capt.”Sully” Sullenberger. We all know the story, how he hit birds and ended up crash landing in the Hudson River while managing to save everyone on board. What this movie brought to light was the fact that he was under intense scrutiny by the FAA and United Airlines for his actions while the world was hailing him a hero. They apparently thought he could have made it to several runways and not risked so much by doing what he did.

That was the basis of this story. Was this a drastic measure taken to save an entire plane? or was this a result of a pilot not reading the situation correctly and putting everyone at risk. Spoiler alert- United Airlines and the FAA are assholes. Shocker, I know. That’s what the big reveal was. They’re just assholes.

It was the ending that pissed me off and tainted a decent movie. They spend the whole movie building to this official hearing to blame Sully for being an incompetent pilot who messed up that day. Tension all around. Tons of data and simulations and number crunching all in the name of proving Sully botched his decision. BUT OH WAIT, you mean they forgot to factor in human response time? GAAAASSSPPP! “Well whoops that’s our bad! You know what? You’re a swell guy Mr. Sully” Then the boring co-pilot makes a lame joke and everyone laughs and lives happily ever after. That’s your ending.

I’ll make this simple. This is what happens when you try to turn an incredible act of heroism that saved 155 lives but took only 24 minutes into a 90 minute feature film. You can throw in the best actors in the world and one of the most prestigious directors of our time and all that gets you is a thrilling action scene surrounded by pure fluff. Why did they try and make the story more about Sully’s post-crash ordeal? It makes no sense. It was a lot to do over nothing and just a situation of a company looking to lay blame somewhere. Why not focus on the actual story of the crash. Pump up some of the backstories of the passengers on board. Get into the gritty details of what went wrong and the options Sully had to deal with. Shine more of a light on how well the city of New York came together to save these people and get them out of the water in under 24 minutes?? Thats the real story.

This is a simple rating. It was good, but not great. Critically it was sound but not as interesting as you would have liked. Entertainment value was above average because of the great way they portrayed the actual takeoff, crash, and subsequent rescue. If the ending had just been even remotely well done this movie could have been a great one. Instead its just good.

Entertainment Rating- 82%

Critic Rating- 78%