Just a harmless little video put together by a YouTuber showing the 2 former Spidermen watching the new one. This is the internet in a nutshell. It’s the wild west of sharing and stealing content and re purposing it to get clicks. He made the first one of Garfield reacting to the new trailer and got 400k views, then doubled down on that success by splicing in Maguire reacting to that reaction video to rake in 1.4 MILLION views. Touche DrMachakil whoever you are, for real. Putting your amateur video editing skills to good use so we can enjoy 2 minutes of footage we’ve already seen but in a different order. It’s so simple and stupid and you have to respect it because it works.

This video did more than just show how pathetic Tobey Maguire looks as a person, it highlighted the already obvious fact that Spiderman in hollywood has been treated like the easy girl in college. Toby starred in the first one in 2002 and 15 years later we’re looking at the 7th movie, 3rd reboot, and 3rd actor.. outrageous numbers when considering how upset comicbook nerds get when it comes to continuity.  I’ve been off of spiderman ever since Tobey’s final one… it was AWFUL. The acting was cringe-worthy and the wicked shitty writing of Venom’s origin was probably what murdered that first franchise. I didn’t even give Garfield’s version a chance because to me he was just that loser from Facebook who got muscled out by Justin Timberlake. I feel completely justified in that irrational thought process.   Spidermen.jpg

It’s a different world though now that Marvel has kinda taken back control from Sony. Marvel has already committed to a sequel for Homecoming in 2019 so they’re confident in it’s money making ability (duh). I say that Marvel only kinda has control because it just became clear Sony still has to approve every appearance by the character no matter how big or small the role. Tom Holland has been left off the casting call for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, which has a lengthy list of almost every actor who’s been in a Marvel movie over the past decade. There could be dozens of reasons for this, like how Hulk & Thor were absent from Civil War, but it’s rumored that Marvel just doesn’t want to deal with Sony for a cameo. Probably because Sony is a giant bag of dicks.

To summarize: A guy made a YouTube video showing the 3 Spiderman actors and it lead me down a path of writing where I throw shade at Andrew Garfield and call Sony is a giant bag of dicks because Sony sucks and ruins everything.