[Me finding this ondemand]: “Oh this looks pretty good”

[Me 30 minutes into it]:”I’m a worthless person and I suck.”

Holy shit. I thought it was going to be about the police and finding the terrorists..but oh boy was I wrong… Yeah it addressed that stuff but the real purpose of this documentary was to show how the lives of 3 families dramatically changed and the struggle to get back to something that resembled normalcy. I will confidently say this is a must-watch for any Bostonian because it hits home so hard. The husband and wife who both lost their legs was horrible, but the husband being able to run the marathon 3 years later while the wife still struggled to stand was the definition of heartbreaking. I mean look at this engagement photo taken before the attack:20120720_0064.jpg

Those were some great legs. She was a happy, athletic person and some cowards decided to ruin that because of some “war” that had nothing to do with this young couple.

I don’t like to get all moody on the blog but this one really got me. If I’m going to be sad then dammit I’m going to make everyone else sad for a couple minutes. It’s only fair because we’re in this together….but I’ll lighten the mood by pointing out the ludicrous setting the Boston Globe writers chose to do their interviews…


Depressed, old, dark, cramped, shoved in the back and forgotten about. Try and find a more fitting image of today’s newspaper industry…. you can’t. Just a bunch of obsolete hobbits slamming their desks wondering why the internet ruined their lives.