PATRIOTS DAY  – Limited release this week, nationwide Jan 13.

I’m very clearly bias on this one as I say its a must-see, but i’m also going to be extremely critical of it. Marky Mark’s depiction of the marathon bombing had better be PERFECT otherwise he’ll be accused of trying to capitalize on a terrorism attack that happened only 3 years ago. I know he’s just a local guy trying to tell the story right, so he’s getting the benefit of the doubt from me. My buddy actually saw one of the first showings in LA and was floored by it, so thats positive. I could write a book on my feelings about that day but I’m pretty sure this movie will do the work for me. Can’t wait. I just can’t.



I’m totally confused by this trailer. Maybe even completely befuddled. I know that Assassin’s Creed is a huge video game franchise- I also know I’ve never played it but the movie studio wouldn’t green light a movie that needs a background knowledge in video games to understand. That would severely hurt it’s potential. So it looks like they’ve done a little “matrix” type of deal where they hook a guy up to a time machine for his brain? No clue. But despite that it still looks appealing. It has the right balance of action, name recognition, and mystery that makes me want to find out more. Will I go out of my way to see this when it’s released on the 21st? Absolutely not. But somebody will. And I’ll be happy to check it out when I scroll by it on HBO next summer.


Chris Pratt& Jennifer Lawrence. Arguably the 2 hottest/most talented young actors in the industry. Everything they touch results in bags of money falling from the sky. So now they’re working together in this thing. Pretty much just them too, which is ok when they’re both heavy hitters. It reminds me of Gravity with Clooney & Sandra Bullock, but with a much better chance at being interesting.


I couldn’t pass harder on this one if I tried. I guess everyone needs a paycheck, even Bryan Cranston…. actually a quick IMDB search tells me our boy Heisenberg has done a bunch of hot garbage since Breaking Bad with only one highlight in Trumbo. That’s too bad. Unfortunately this is exactly what I’d expect out of James Franco- the guy with legitimate acting talent but seems to be obsessed with building an image for himself as a happy idiot. Keep doing you, James Franco.

A MONSTER CALLS – limited release this week, nationwide Jan. 6th

Weird and Wild. That’s all I got for this. It’s like a artsy and inspirational version of Transformers only it’s all inside this kid’s head. It looks like this was intended to be an award season contender, but didn’t pull it off. If anything this trailer just makes me want to watch Guardian’s of the Galaxy because of the poor-man’s excuse for Groot.


If you’re super into God then buckle up for this century’s must-watch religious action film. Legendary director Martin Scorsese, with solid young actors Andrew Garfield & Adam Driver, with the help of Liam Neeson? Are you fucking kidding me? This seems like a tremendous waste of top-notch talent on one of the most polarizing subjects in today’s world. Religion gets the people going, but not in a way that would rally the masses to the big screen to check it out. I’m sure this will be extremely well done, but will the average audience get excited to see it? or will they anticipate sleeping through the whole thing.