I love when the Globes nominations come out. They tell me what I need to watch so I can be relevant over the next 2 months of award show discussions. Otherwise I’ll look ridiculous calling myself a critic while trying to google what the fuck “20th Century Women” is about. I usually know most of them but I’m only one man doing this on the side so excuse me for not diving into the weeds of the independent film festival circuit.  I also love hearing about all the “snubs” or “surprises” like we’re supposed to pretend that favoritism and politics don’t play a role in these selections. That being said, the fact that Deadpool is nominated for Best Actor and Best Picture is STUNNING. I love that movie, I think its one of my favorites actually, but I know its the type of movie that award shows typically scoff at because they think anything that appeals to the masses isn’t worthy of their acknowledgment. Deadpool did the right things to be critically praised- which I’ll dive into with my analysis later-, but I guess I’m just shocked they were noticed.

I’ll leave all the nominations here for the major film categories, but the full list can be found here. There are a lot of things to dive into for my predictions which I’ll post leading up to the night of the Globes. I’ll review each of the movies up for best picture and I’ll highlight a few others if I think they’re worth it.

One last thing I’ll say is the fact that the nominations for Best Actress doesn’t line up with a single nomination for Best Picture on the drama side is suspect. Also when you have Nocturnal Animals nominated for Best Director and Best Screenplay but not getting the nod for the Best Picture that’s weird too. But hey that’s the Golden Globe difference.

Best Picture nominees.PNG


Best ActorActress in Drama.PNG


Best ActorActress in Comedy.PNG


Best Supporting ActorActress.PNG


Best Screenplay Director lines.PNG

PS – The fact that the nominees for Best Director and Best Screenplay are 80% the same is kind of bullshit if you ask me. I know these categories are very different, but it just strikes me as bullshit. ESPECIALLY if the same guy wins both. Let’s hope thats not the case because Mel Gibson giving an acceptance speech would be appointment TV.  It probably wont happen but we can dream.