I need to dump my thoughts on Home Alone. I’m not here to talk about the merits of Home Alone as a holiday movie that has stood the test of time for 26 years. I’m here to talk about the assholes who treat their VHS copy of Home Alone like a fuckin bible: HOME ALONE DOES NOT BELONG ON TOP OF A “GREATEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE LIST”… it just doesn’t.  It’s a good movie, maybe even great, and it happens to take place during Christmas. But you could change the holiday to the 4th of July and it wouldn’t skip a beat.

I’ll admit I loved it when I was younger. I still like it a lot. It’s a stupid premise for a movie but it works because of the over-the-top physical comedy, and as opposed to comic relief it has compassion relief (… I just made that up). There are scenes here and there throughout the movie that really hit you in the feels.

But it’s not Elf. It’s not Christmas Vacation. So it’s not the best Christmas movie in the comedy genre.

It’s not Die Hard, or Die Hard 2. So it’s not even the best movie loosely based around Christmas.

The End.