I really wasn’t expecting to stumble onto a movie that demanded my attention on a Saturday morning, but that’s what happened.  I was watching Inside the NFL and this came on after. I had to stop everything and focus because this thing was wild. So here we go:


Started off real weird, you knew something was up between the brother and sister. You were hoping it wasnt sex, but with this kind of crazy you just don’t know. She hasn’t left her house in 10 years, her brothers sick so she gets meals on wheels, ends up having some loose friendship with the delivery boy who ends up being the catalyst for the whole movie. There are a bunch of questions that you have within the first 15 minutes, and unfortunately not all of them get answered. Biggest one was why she had bags and boxes full of money lying around… seems odd considering she doesn’t have income, nor does her brother because he’s bed ridden for at least a year, and if the family was rich this guy’s medical care would for sure drain that account. But this was the type of movie you get to look past the deeper questions and focus on what the directors throwing at your face. And that is this girl can’t leave the house because of some psychological issues, which is a huge problem when that little meals-on-wheels friend told his buddies about the free money.

That whole stretch of figuring out what to do with her while still looking for the money was good stuff. The cat and mouse game of her trying to run even though everyone knew damn well she wasnt going anywhere, that was surprisingly entertaining even though it was pointless. Kudos to the writers for that one. Things got kicked up a few notches when she stabbed one of them in the neck. She went from being a scared and helpless character to one that’s ready for a fight. and then things got CRAZY when she dragged the dead body to the basement as a trap.  The moment she hit that button and the basement turned into a fuckin death trap was a twist I wouldn’t have seen coming if you gave me a billion guesses. Now the movie was some real “Saw” type shit. This girl is tapped and dangerous and the whole character dynamic to this point is completely reversed.

But now we have a problem. The movie hit its big reveal, and instead of ramping up to the climax it kind of just kind of simmered until the end. It was no surprise that she could control the doors, it was expected that the other rooms were down there, and if you have a crazy trap basement with cameras and remote control doors, it’s almost predictable that you have a room with knives, saws and a noose. Is it surprising she killed everyone but Danny? I mean maybe, but that last guy was gonna rape her for revenge after she let him go so that’s actually 100% on him. This is one of those weird movies that I really enjoyed, I’m going to recommend seeing, but at the same time it wasnt good.


This fucking guy trying to be an aggressive, intimidating enforcer? I don’t think he pulled it off. I don’t think it’s possible. Stay in your lane. It was a hell of an effort with the big bushy beard and flannel shirt, but you can’t run from that whiny voice.



I’m going to start judging on 2 spectrums. Is it entertaining, and is it a good movie.

This was an extremely entertaining movie, but I can’t call it good because there are so many holes and careless unanswered questions. It’s like they got to the end and decided “meh, I’m tired of trying to think this through lets just have her burn the house down and call it a day”… yeah but you have 3 fresh dead bodies in there… a gunshot wound, axe to the head, and punctured jugular are going to be easily identified in an autopsy. Oh and the freezer with chopped bodies isn’t going to go away. Oh and the fire department might have some questions about the renovation upgrades to the basement. Oh and Danny drove off he knows everything… and the biggest one- Oh so she can walk outside now its no big deal. She couldn’t do it for her brothers funeral, she couldn’t do it to save her own life, but now that she’s murdered 3 men she has the strength to stand on the porch.

I will give this a great entertainment rating though. From beginning to end I was hooked. It had everything. It had you asking questions from the start, and then a great level of escalation that starts with a simple robbery and ended with dead burnt bodies and a freezer of people pieces in a secret dungeon. All the while a little level of sex appeal because that girl in the lace black dress did it for me.. just sayin.

Entertainment rating: 90%

Critic rating- 50%